Thursday, February 9

Journalists, CSOs trains on Combating hate Speech

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By Sainabou Sanneh 

A journalist from different media houses with Civil Society Organizations has been trained on how to combat hate speech through a two-day sensitization and capacity-building training.

The training is funded by The US Exchange Programs Alumni Network comprising young innovative and proactive leaders and was held at the University of the Gambia on Monday.

The project is meant to enhance a general understanding of how to combat hate speech thus helping to change conceptual beliefs for hatred and promote peaceful coexistence between and among Gambians and especially pre during and post-election era.

Speaking during the opening ceremony Hon. Lamin Queen Jammeh, Minister of Information said the public stated that a form of utterances has become a public growing concern in the Gambia.

“ If we were to appreciate language from the perspective of sub-sociologists who regard it as one of the important humanizing human rights then this already identified public concern must be seen as a potential threat to that efficient upkeep and therefore calls for a deserved attention,” he said.

“Unfortunately is a phenomenon only became with the re-past democracy and ending dictatorship in the Political Landscape of the Gambia and thereby by losing greater threat to both the sustenance and the sprouting of democracy in the Gambia” he added.

Muhammed S Bah, President of The Gambia Press Union commended the organization for organizing such an important gathering at the right time.

He urged that there is a need to sensitize the public on hate speeches and how they can be combated, adding that hate speeches are rising and the main agent who gives a platform to them is mostly the online media.

He added that the media and civil society should play a significant role in ensuring that transparency and free and fair elections are promoted.

Basirou Gaye, National Youth Council said that as a council they go around the country sensitizing young people to discourage hate speech and advising the people to respect each other’s ideas.  “Let us understand the true colors of our Flag. Our responsibility to the young people is to respect the elders and elders should set the agenda,” he said

Lamin Jorbateh representative from the Ministry of Justice said that the fabric of any progressive society is based on uncertain separated values, values that recognize differences diversity freedom of expression, and most recognize fundamental human rights and freedom taught on minds or characters that no one suffers after expressing your option.