Wednesday, March 22

Judiciary inaugurates over 31 Million court complex

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By Mama A. Touray

Judiciary on Thursday inaugurated thirty one million, seventy-three thousand four hundred and seventy- five dalasis court complex in Bundung. 

The multi-million dalasi complex which was fully funded by the Government of the Gambia includes six court rooms, six chambers, a conference room, a reception and a multitude of offices including a Lawyers’ room.

Speaking at the inauguration Hon. Chief Justice Hassan B Jallow said “The court will provide easier access for the community to the doors of justice, instead of travelling up to Banjul to have their matters attended to. These six courtrooms in this particular complex almost double the capacity of the judiciary within the Kanifing Municipal Area.

He continued “The court will provide additional courtroom space and that there are six additional courtrooms in this complex housing a high court, magistrate courts, and a Cadi court.”

However Hon. Chief Justice added that with the inauguration of this new court complex, the judiciary is confident that the court will make a significant impact within the Kanifing Municipal Council.

Representative of the president, Baboucarr Boye, Minister of Public Service, Coordination and Delivery added  through the completion of this project, they aim to realize one of the objectives of the 2021-2025 Strategic Plan of the Judiciary and that there is a need to improve access to the courts and to improve decentralization.

Hon. Minister further assured Government’s commitment to support more infrastructural development for the Judiciary in enhancing quality justice delivery across the country.

“As the courts are the last resort to seek redress, I assure you that we will never fail to prioritize respect for the rule of law, access to quality justice for all, and accountability for a better legal system.

“I will continue to underscore my government’s commitment to strengthening the judiciary to entrench the rule of law and promote good governance. It is only through such innovative approaches and collaborative efforts that we can consolidate our democracy.”

Minister Boye, therefore,  urged the judiciary and legal practitioners to embark on frequent programs to educate the public on legal matters and to help the people to understand the law and how it operates.

Meanwhile, Maasita Keita Contractor of the project who doubles as the CEO of   Maasita Construction Enterprise, expressed gratitude to the Judiciary of The Gambia for awarding him the contract. He further implored on officials to prioritize and patronize Gambian entrepreneurs.