Friday, February 3

Kaba Bajo admits lying to ex-Ghanaian Foreign Minister

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At the time of the cover-up letter, Nana Akufo-Addo was the foreign Minister in Ghana and had on several occasions come to the country to know more about his citizens’ whereabouts but to no avail.

Dwelling on the letter, Mr. Bajo explained that he received a feedback from the Ministry of Interior with regard to the migrants and that was what he sent to the Ghanaian government.

The current Gambia Football Federation (GFF) president further told the commission that he had interacted with the then Ghana Foreign minister about the matter where he (Nana) expressed their desire in the investigation of the disappeared Ghanaians.

“About two letters were also sent to us about the state of the investigation and I responded before the end of 2005 or early 2006.”

At this juncture, the lead Counsel Essa M. Faal read his response letter to the Ghanaian authorities in 2005 and told him it was false information that was provided. The witness admitted and said he only knew it was false during the hearings of the TRRC.

Further reading the letter, Counsel Faal said the letter stated that the migrants were released on humanitarian ground and it was lies. Mr. Bajo confirmed the proposition, saying that was the update he received from the Ministry of Interior.

“If I meet the Ghana’s President now, I would first apologise and tell him the fact that Jammeh commanded the massacre of Ghanaians.  I feel very bad to send false information to my Ghana’s counterpart.”

He said the issue of migrants’ massacre was never discussed in cabinet as far as he knows, while adding that he never knew that the information he sent in 2005 was false.