Monday, March 20

Kaba Bajo expresses disappointment for not hearing congratulatory wishes from Kamaso

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The Gambia Football Federation (GFF) president-elect Lamin Kaba Bajo has expressed disappointment after his challenger Sadibou Kamaso didnott wish him any congratulatory messages after their election on Saturday.

Kaba Bajo defeated Sadibou Kamaso in the race for the Gambia Football Federation (GFF) presidency to sit for his third term in office during an election held at Paradise Suite Hotel in Kololi on Saturday.

Kaba got 51 votes as opposed to his challenger, Sadibou Kamaso’s 25 votes with one invalid vote.

The advice I have for Sadibou is general and I don’t want to mention it generally. The only thing I am disappointed about is how highly contested the election would be. I expect a form of congratulation to my opponent (Sadibou Kamaso). That is disappointing.

He added that though this would not change anything in his personal relationship with him, adding that Sadibou Kamaso will still remain to his younger brother.

Asked about whether this would be his third and final bid for the GFF election, he replied, “the constitution of the Gambia Football Federation (GFF) shows that this is going to be my last term and I have no intention of changing it and I wouldn’t.”

According to him, the delegates gave him back their votes after delivering to them what they were yarning for the development of Gambian football.

“Am tested by the stakeholders and am proven to be the right person. This is why they renewed their trust and confidence in me again. My achievements speak, that’s why I decided to continue,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Lamin Kaba Bajo was first voted in as The Gambia Football Federation president in 2014. He won his second term in 2018, before Saturday’s victory continued to put him in charge of the highest position in the country’s football for the next four years, which runs till August 2026.