Tuesday, March 28

Kamaso petitions GFF President, Electoral Committee

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By Arfang M.S Camara

The leader of Team Restore Confidence, Sadibou Kamaso has filed a 54-page petition to the World’s Football governing body (FIFA) against the Gambia Football Federation (GFF) president Lamin Kaba Bajo’s action and that of the GFF Electoral Committee under the leadership of Saikou B. Jarju, on matters touching and concerning the GFF Elective Congress held on the 27th August 2022.

The petition in which Sadibou Kamaso started 48 points, is addressed to the General Secretary of the world’s football governing body (FIFA).

In the letter sent to FIFA, Sadibou wrote that the GFF Electoral Committee since after their inauguration hasn’t been taking their full responsibility as stated in the Electoral Code, adding that the said Committee proposed and select a date that suits the GFF President so that he can attend all the Regional Football Association Finals in his quest to canvas for votes in the said regions.

He added that the General Secretary, Lamin Jasseh by virtue of his position as the head of the GFF Secretariat has in many instances been involved in the campaign for the incumbent to the disadvantage of Kamaso and his team despite his role as member of the Electoral Committee and the need for his neutrality

“Our belief that the names of members collecting forms and who they nominate will be shared with the GFF President above was later confirmed when a GFF staff in the name of Muhammed Sinera who had no connections whatsoever with the Electoral Committee explained to a member of our team one Modou Lamin Conteh that he was already aware of those clubs who had already collected and signed for nomination forms as well candidates they were to nominate.”

“The GFF has its own football hotel based in Old Yundum where delegates are hosted. Instead of hosting the regional delegates at the Football Hotel as the case has always been for AGMs to save resources, the GFF President and his executive booked room for these delegates at Metzy Hotel and African Princess not only to bring them closer to their meeting point but to entice them with promises of contracts or employment positions.”

Mr. Kamaso, who was banned from entering the hotel during the AGM as a delegate on the day of the election also stated that Young Africans FC through a letter dated 18th August 2022, provided copies of letters of correspondence to show that a meeting was held by the said club Executive on the 2nd August 2022, where it was resolved that Sadibou Kamaso’s request to join Young Africans FC was accepted and that a letter was written to him on the 3rd August 2022 to inform him.

Meanwhile, in the petition, Mr. Sadibou Kamaso attaches all the letters, correspondence and what he believed are the proofs of his 48 points of complaints regarding the matters touching and concerning the GFF Elective Congress.