Friday, March 24

Kamaso says he’ll not congratulate someone who flouted the constitution

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Mr. Sadibou Kamaso, leader of Team Restore Confidence, has also come up with a reason as to why he did not congratulate the president-elect Kaba Bajo after the election on Saturday.

Mr. Kamaso got defeated 51 votes by Lamin Kaba Bajo as opposed to his 25 votes in 77 votes casted by the football stakeholders. There was only one invalid vote announced by the electoral committee.

“Well, I don’t have to congratulate someone who has actually flouted all the rules of the constitution in terms of the electoral process,” he said while responding to the reason for not congratulating Kaba Bajo on his election as GFF president.

He asked why did they amend the constitution on the day of the election, adding that they should have told them (opposing camp) earlier that they are going to amend the constitution for the 4th vice president position so that they can file and bring in a candidate for that position.

“We don’t have a candidate for that position. He’s the incumbent and has all the powers and he’s bringing two other female members. We don’t have those, because we couldn’t have done so as it wasn’t in the constitution,” he added that alone is an irregularity.

Mr. Kamaso also questioned the reason for Kaba, the incumbent at that time, taking all the stakeholders to a hotel during the eve of the election.

“We all know what happened at Metzy hotel. There is certain information we can’t discuss here. The stakeholders usually camp at the football hotel, not at Metzy.”

He also explained the reason why he was stopped outside during the amendment of the constitution on the day of the election.

“I as a delegate wasn’t allowed to enter during the extra-ordinary general assembly because they knew I was going to expose most of those things. They asked the police to stop me citing that the chairman of the Electoral Committee said I can’t go in. How can you amend the constitution on the morning of the election”

“The electoral committee chairman has no role in the extra-ordinary AGM. His role starts when the election proper starts.”

“I’ve made a series of complaints and protests to the chairman of the electoral committee who I believed was working together with them (Team Kaba). The other thing is the electoral committee is housed in the GFF.”

“There was a time I went to collect forms and I told the director of Communication (Baboucarr Camara) that I wasn’t there on behalf of Hawks. It was even discussed in the Hawks meeting that I didn’t collect forms on behalf of the Hawks. The lists of delegates are always shared with Team Kaba. So, they have the advantage and we don’t have that.”

According to him, what could’ve been a free and fair election is if the electoral committee is independent, adding that he wrote some many protests which among them is asking the General Secretary to requisite himself from the electoral committee because he’s part and parcel and is supporting the incumbent.

Meanwhile, Sadibou Kamaso said they sit as a team to either come with a petition or protest against the things that happened before the election.