Thursday, October 6

Kandeh Alleges Barrow Of Using Children At His Rallies

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Mama Kandeh
Gambia Democratic Congress presidential candidate

By Buba Gagigo

The Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) presidential candidate Mama Kandeh alleged President Adama Barrow of using children at his rallies.

“If you look at his crowd, you see small children at the age of 8, 9, and 10 years. That is the reason UNICEF issued a statement that in Gambian politics, people are using small children and he is the cause. Let’s keep our children. Let’s keep our sons and daughters because politics is dangerous. Anything can happen in politics. Then let’s keep our children at home. I thought the president and his government should have adults, because the chiefs are under you, the alkalos are under you, the ministers are under you and all the government under you, but they cannot have good people,” Kandeh said in Kerr Mbambi village on Monday.

Recently UNICEF and the Child Protection Alliance issued different statements advising politicians not to use children during their political rallies, following the photos and videos of children in party colours at political rallies.

Mama Kandeh and his GDC party commenced their nationwide campaign on Sunday. The party has recently gone into alliance with the Gambia Action Party (GAP) whose leader is suspended for endorsing President Adama Barrow without the approval of his supporters. The GDC earlier formed an alliance with the ‘APRC no to coalition movement’ on former President Jammeh’s order.