Friday, March 31

Kanifing Court Adjourns Allege Murder Trial for plea taken

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By Mama A. Touray

Justice Isatou Janneh of the Kanifing High Court, on Wednesday, adjourned an alleged murder trial involving one Bakau woman now deceased, Binta Gassama who was allegedly murdered by Ousainou Jallow and Lamin Jammeh. 

The matter could not proceed as the accused persons were not represented by lawyers. The accused were however asked to provide a lawyer for the case to commence. The first accused person said he can afford a lawyer while the second accused said he can’t afford a lawyer.

Justice Janneh however said the accused shall be represented by a lawyer from the National Agency for Legal Aid. 

The first and second accused Ousainou Jallow and Lamin 

Jammeh was charged with three counts, Conspiracy to commit a felony, Murder, and Robbery.

According to the three particulars of offense, Ousainou Jallow and Lamin Jammeh on or about the 4th day of September 2022 at South Atlantic, Fajara area in the Kanifing Municipality allegedly conspired to rob, Binta Gassama in her compound and strangled her to death.

The offense continued: Within the jurisdiction of this honorable court with malice aforethought caused the death of one Binta Gassama, a 62-year-old woman by suffocating her to death.”

Offense three stated that they, the alleged murders robbed one Binta Gassama (now deceased) and allegedly made away with an iPhone, a tablet, a Samsung mobile phone, a router, a power bank, a car key, jewelry, headphones, and other belongings thereby committing an offense.

Justice Janneh later adjourned the matter to the 15th of March 2023, at noon, for a plea taken.