Wednesday, June 7

Kanifing Municipality: Talib vows to build roads, bring affordable housing & public transportation

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Mayor Bensouda told the press that his opponent is not the minister but the Gambia government, saying he came to the nomination centre with only KM supporters, unlike the National People’s Party (NPP) candidate who he said came with their national executives. He said that means he’s not competing with Bakary Badjie alone, but instead the government.

“The residents of KM have had a lot of trust and confidence in me and my team for the last five years. There is nothing much to say because the residents are the ones to judge and they feel the impact of our work. May 20th, we will be victorious because the people have trust in us. We have done a lot of work which we completed some and others in progress.” 

Mayor Bensouda boasted that his council did good work and has the best record for any municipality in The Gambia. He went on to say that the NPP crowd is not the largest crowd, confirming that his crowd supersedes them. He was quick to add that the election is not about crowd competition because he did not pay people to follow him; instead, they believe in him and his work. 

“This is the attestation today because thousands of Gambians are in across all walks of life came to witness the nomination. You see all sources of people with different professions, tribes, gender, and age groups. It is Gambia out and word cannot express their support.”  

He thanked UDP, GDC, GAP and individuals and supporters who have supported him during the process of his nomination and for the upcoming election.