Saturday, June 3

Karpowership extends Ramadan magnanimity worth $10,000

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The donated items included: 103 bags of rice, 103 bags of sugar, 100 gallons of oil, 103 sachets of milk and 100 boxes of dates.

The items were distributed among Al-Madarasul Tafsirul Qur’an of Bundung, Oumul Amina of SarrehPateh and Amar IbunYazir of LaminDaranka.

Speaking during the presentation held at the Karpowership office in Fajara, Tolga Bermek, Turkish ambassador to The Gambia, expressed delight over Turkish contribution to The Gambia while emphasising that the Holy Month of Ramadan is a month of blessings, solidarity and brotherhood. 

“It’s a month that brings people together to share their happiness, food and pray together. In this holy month, the company has once again extended its support to needy Gambians. The donation is timely for the needy and orphanages,” he said. 

Ambassador Bermek further stated that Karpowership is not only the biggest Turkish company in the Gambia, but it’s well known for fulfilling its corporate social responsibility. He admired the timely support while anticipating and hoping they would continue their activities during their stay in the country.

Emre Durmusoglu, Karpowership Africa regional director, explained that since the company signed its contract with National Water and Electricity Company (NAWEC) in 2018, they have been trying to contribute to orphanages through their social corporate responsibility project. 

“Since 2018 to date, Karpowership has donated over US$450,000 to The Gambia. We will continue to support the needy and orphanages in the country,” he said. 

Director Durmusoglu thanked The Gambia government and NAWEC for the partnership and hopes to serve Gambians in the upcoming years.

Baba Sheriff Bojang, Press and Public Relations for Karpowership in The Gambia, indicated that Karpowership gives donations to needy Muslims during Ramadan, usually orphanages. He added that Karpowership may not be the biggest company in the country but has put its social corporate responsibility at a higher height. 

“In every year, Karpowership gives a helping hand to the community and it’s our core principle. Karpowership operates in the country and other parts of the world. They generate over 5,000 megawatts of power around the world,” he stated, adding that since the company signed a power purchase agreement with NAWEC, they have stabilised the country’s electricity system.

Oustas Muhammad Secka, a beneficiary, thanked Karpowership for the support, while emphasising that helping needy Muslims during the month of Ramadan is the greatest of Allah’s rewards. 

“Allah has called on mankind to invest their monies righteously and He emphasised that anyone who gives food to his fellow will eat from Allah’s blessings in Jannah. We pray for you and ask the whole country to join us in praying for your continuous progress.”