Monday, October 3

Kassa Kunda not accepting Governor’s decision to sack current Alkalo

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The secretary general of Kassa Kunda Village Development Committee (VDC), Bakaray Gomez, in an interview with this medium has stated that the people of the village are not in support of the decision from the governor’s office in sacking their Alkalo Cherno Siranding Sabally due to his disability.
On Wednesday, in a letter written by Omar Fatty on behalf of the Governor states that: “I have been directed to write and inform you of your dismissal as Alkalo of Kassa Kunda village with immediate effect through the letter from the Ministry of Lands, Regional Government and Religious Affairs referenced LM 31/252/01/ (224), dated 10 August 2022.”

The letter continued to order the Alkalo to surrender his stamp and all other official documents to the Chief of Kombo Central District, immediately.

Mr. Gomez told this medium that when they heard the news, they decided to go and meet the governor. He added that they were told that the governor was out of town. Gomez said they then met with the deputy governor who told them that they have scheduled a meeting with the council of elders, saying that didn’t happen.

“We are not accepting it because the way Alkaloship is being transferred traditionally in Kassa Kunda is that, after the demise of the Alkalo, the Council of Elders will meet and select one from the Alkalo’s family and it used to be the eldest person in the family. After the selection of Alkalo, if the village accepts the person selected for the post, then we will inform the chief and the chief will take the responsibility to inform the governor.”

“That’s the normal procedure. He was selected but in this case, the complaint received from the ministry that the Alkalo is blind is not coming from the VDC, council of elders, or even the women or youth leaders. There was a time that the governor called the Alkalo and told him that he was blind and cannot lead the village. The Alkalo told us and we tried to have a meeting with the governor but it didn’t materialise. Later we heard that a letter was drafted.”

Gomez revealed that the people of the village expressed their dissatisfaction with the decision, adding an Alkalo cannot just be imposed on them. He reiterated that they are not accepting the proposed Sherrifo Sabally to be their new Alkalo.