Wednesday, March 22

Kawral Fulbe Africa Cultural Festival celebrates in Buduck –

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By Yunus S Saliu

In a grand style, the Kawral Fulbe Africa over the weekend celebrated the Kawral Fulbe Africa Cultural Festival in Buduck, Nianija District, and Central River Region (CRR)

The festival was attended by a large number of VIPs which include the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly – Hon Seedy Njie, Seedy Bah Governor of Lower River Region, Ousman Bah Governor of Central River Region, chairmen from different local government area councils, ward councilors, the host Chief Dawda York of Nianija, officials of NCAC, lovers of the festival and among other individuals who have joined the Buduck community to celebrate this unique festival that displayed Fula culture.

Kawral Fulbe Africa association used this year’s festival to honour the chief of Nianija as they agreed and adopted Sheik Dawuda York, the Chief of Nianija from Buduck as their Father, which he accepted.

Addressing the crowd, Awa Bah gave an in-depth background of the association saying it was established on the 4th of August 2022 with over one hundred and sixty members.

She said in realizing the efforts of their great ancestors they reviewed the past to tackle the present and “the entire executives of the association and members deemed it necessary to adopt Sheik Dawuda York, the Chief of Nianija Buduck to be our father.”

She expressed that the Kawral Fulbe Africa is here to protect, and promote the integrity of Fulani in realizing who they are and “in doing that no tribe is left behind as we all living together and intermarry.”

Madam Bah added that among the Kawral Fulbe Africa aims, is to bring all the Fulbe together to know each other cultures and contribute to the development of the country.

Accepting the honour, Chief Sheik Dawuda York expressed delight as he accepted the gesture to be the Father of the Kawral Fulbe Africa while expressing gratitude to all the members for their consideration and his selection among lots.

He said everyone is invited to join the association without any restriction because “in unity, we stand but divided we fall, so let’s go back to our Fulani culture.”

Chief York thanked all the members both at home in Diaspora for making the festival a reality while advising members to desist from problems but should obey the rules, regulations, and laws of the country because “ours is culture and not about tribalism.”

Governor Ousman Bah of CRR thanked His Excellency President Adama Barrow of the Republic of The Gambia saying if you see all these programs happening “he is the one that has cleared the way, so we should give him a special thank.”

He noted that culture and ‘chosan’ are very important and attributed it to their forefathers who had held the culture well and preserved it for the generation of today and those to come so that they can inherit it.

Hassoum Ceesay, Director General of NCAC expressed that culture is not only entertainment but many things involved and it does not mean that one should involve in something bad or not acceptable in the community or country as a whole.

While he advised everyone to practice the culture in a good way and manner without adulteration and in such a way that it will not affect the religions and laws of the country.

The Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Hon Seedy Njie said “if you want to know where you come from and where you belong, you have to know your culture first and what your ‘chosan’ is.”

He admired the festival saying “I’m so happy for the display of different types of cultural entertainment today. I have seen many things that impress my heart and my heart is full of joy.”

He, therefore, called on everyone “let’s unite and create peace in this country,” while he used the occasion to announce the chosen candidate, Edrisa Ceesay, as Counsillor for the ward under the ticket of NPP.