Friday, June 2

Kebba Jallow to battle with Touma Njie for PPP leadership

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By Omar Bah

The central committee of the People’s Progressive Party has announced the position of secretary general and party leader will be contested by Kebba E Jallow and Fatoumata Njie, a Banjul parliamentarian.

PPP has been led by Jallow since the stepping away of Papa Njie last year. The party will hold its congress later this month and new leaders will be selected.

According to a statement by the party, Kebba Jallow and Fatoumata Njie (Touma) will be contesting for secretary-general and party leader while Momodou Ndow and Pa Ousainou Saho will be contesting for deputy secretary-general and party leader.

“The positions of national president, deputy national president, and national treasurer went unopposed therefore Alhaji Lamin Nanko national president, Hon Duta Kamaso deputy national president, and Amie Jallow-Forster national treasurer are duly nominated subject to confirmation by the national congress on the 27th February 2021,” the party said.

“Maimuna Sawaneh and Sheikh Manka will be contesting for deputy national treasurer positions. Ebrahim Savage voluntarily withdrew his application for personal reasons. We wish to congratulate Alhaji Lamin Nanko, Hon Duta Kamaso and Amie Jallow-Forster for their successful nomination and apparent winning for their respective positions.

The central committee also announced the appointment of Abdoulie Bah, Jainaba Bah, and Ousman Jeng as electoral commissioners for the congress.

“All members are advised to exercise decorum during the campaign period which begins yesterday,” the party added.