Saturday, September 30

Khalifa Niassen calls for peace in Senegambia

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Muhammad Mahi Ebrahim Niass, the current Khalifa of Niassen and the son of Sheikh Ebrahim Niass of Kaolack, Senegal, on Friday visited President Adama Barrow at the State House in Banjul and called for the promotion of peace between The Gambia and Senegal.

Sheikh has memorised the Quran perfectly in the cradle of Knowledge, Righteousness and Guidance. On the authority of Sheikh Bin Rabbani, he obtained the graces at a young age. He has mastered Islamic science from all schools, Hadith science and holy book interpretations. Sheikh Mahi humbly rejects the title of the caliphate for that of Servant of the Nation. His service is coupled with sovereignty and he travelled far in pursuit for deep knowledge and has written books on Sufism and more.

The Sheikh called on the president to take responsibility with other heads of state to see that there is peace and stability in Sudan.

“Both Gambia and Senegalese need each other and everyone should endeavour to promote peace. I want you to leave a legacy in Gambia, West Africa and Africa at large. I want you to work harder in contributing your quota to the peace and stability of Africa. I have seen your stance between Gambia and Senegal. We have seen many advancements in terms of transportation and more.”

The sheikh further prayed for the peaceful coexistence of the two nations while continuing to urge Presidents Barrow and Macky Sall to work harder in maintaining the peace.

President Barrow expressed delight for the visit of the sheikh, while calling on the people to take advantage in seeking blessings from him.

He stated that Sheikh Madi is one of those elders that people listen to and his stance to promote peace in Africa is of great importance.

“I called on Gambians to hold onto the Sheikh in order to benefit from him. Gambia and Senegal are one country because we speak the same language. I and Macky want to promote the integration of the two countries and we will continue to promote peace. Peace is the most important thing because without peace one cannot move from place to place. I called on the Sheikh to pray for the nations.”