Tuesday, June 6

King FM Deputy Manager describes PURA’s letter as ill-defined

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By Nicholas Bass

Following the recent letter issued to the King FM Radio Station by the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA), Lamin Sanyang, the Assistant Manager of the popular King FM Radio Station said it is an ill-defined letter concerning their broadcast. 

In an interview with him by this medium, he said PURA’s recent letter to the King FM Radio Station was indefinite regarding his workers’ daily broadcast on current happenings in the country, which PURA failed to highlight where his Radio Station is at fault.

He stressed that King FM Radio Station was not in error of anything they broadcast unless PURA explain where they made an error. He added that PURA misinterpreted the views of his workers and they are raising threats against them by sending an unclear letter to his Radio.

“I urged the public to continue listening to King FM Radio Station, we are operating for the interest of everyone regardless of tribe, religion, and political affiliation. We will work with the relevant authority in responding to PURA on the content of the letter sent to us,” he expressed. 

Meanwhile, PURA in its letter reminds the management of King FM Radio to present all news in a factually accurate, impartial, and non-partisan manner and they should also present current affairs in a balanced, clear, factual, accurate, and impartial manner.

The letter continued that “non-conformance to the license conditions attracts punitive action against offending entities whoever this may be. In the same vein, you (King FM Radio) are hereby asked by the Authority to give a reason as to why punitive action should not be taken against you on or before the 9th of May 2023. 

“Failure to respond by the stipulated date will lead to concrete action against you without any further communication,” it concluded while the letter was signed by Sita Demba Mbye Ceesay on behalf of the Director General of PURA.