Saturday, April 1

KMC Councilors bounce back at former Mayor’s statement with evidence –

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By Binta Jaiteh

Councilors of the Kanifing Municipality Council have bounced back at the former Mayor of KMC Yankuba Colley after refuting all the allegations made by Mayor Talib Ahmed Bensouda with evidence produced by the current mayor’s office.

Speaking in a press conference held at KMC premises yesterday, the management of the municipality came out with some evidence of the former Mayor’s acts which highlights the mismanagement.

 Councilor Karamo Ceesay of Tallinding said regarding the statement made by the Mayor, he said it is true that the council had a meat seller which is in the report of the past entry management report headed by chairman Bakary Jammeh and the report is available.

He said not only on Ramadan that they sell meat but before Ramadan even all year round when Talib came all those acts were addressed. He disclosed that every month some individuals come to the council to collect salaries without doing any service to the council. 

“From 2015 to 2016 individuals councilors and other members requested payment for birthday celebrations of former councilor of Ebo Town Modou Lamin Badjie with a cheque number 006 from Zenith Bank LTD with a voucher number PV 150391 dated 21st May 2015 at a tune of two hundred and sixty thousand dalasi plus annual expenses of five hundred thousand dalasi for independence celebration in a form of impress,” he opened up.

“Ceesay said Badjie kept requesting funds on behalf of the former President’s birthday whether he uses it for the personal interest we don’t know but the evidence is available at the council,” he said 

He said in the report former councilor Badjie diverted eight hundred and sixteen thousand, four hundred and sixty-five from the market dues for a cultural festival in Kanilai it is mentioned in the finance and audit act. 

Meanwhile, he stated that in January 2015 council paid five hundred and twelve thousand four hundred dalasi to Badala Park Hotel through a bank transfer from Arab Gambia Islamic Bank with a voucher number PV150177 for the accommodation of 138 people for six days. 

However, at the press conference, more issues were revealed to the public domain by the aggrieved councilors.