Friday, March 24

KMC mayoral aspirant promises to transform municipality into European standard

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By Adama Makasuba

Pa Modou Jobe who seeks to contest the 2023 local government election for Kanifing Municipal Council under the ruling National People’s Party, has promised to transform the municipality to a European standard.

Mr Jobe blamed the sitting Mayor Ahmed Talib Bensouda’s leadership for not doing enough to bring developments to transform the lives of people in the residents.

“I seek to contest the election under National People’s Party ticket and I am gaining more support from the party supporters. I can assure you that I want to contest under the NPP ticket and I am sure the party will select me to contest under its ticket,” he said.

“KMC is worst now than ever, especially during this rainy season which has destroyed all the roads and where is the municipality to help KMC because they are generating resources from the people? The municipality failed in its market and dumpsite projects; they have done nothing to develop these sectors. If you go into the market, you will find that the market is very dirty for health,’ he added.

He continued: “I can promise to transform KMC into a European standard municipality, the sky is the limit. For now, the municipality is in a very poor condition.”

Meanwhile, Oumie Sallah also said: “we are hopeful that Pa Modou is the right guy who can transform the municipality because he has the technical experience. We feel that KMC has been underdeveloped for years and it needs a pragmatic leader who can help bring massive developments for the people.”

“We don’t want to come and bring a flower project. How can you go and lay down foundation stones of 44 million dalasis for Library? We don’t need such a project because it is not beneficial to the development of the people for now,” she said.