Friday, December 9

KMC stands firm against corruption -TAB

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By Mafugi Ceesay

While presiding over a recent press conference called to introduce his council’s by-laws, Kanifing Mayor Talib Ahmed Bensouda said fighting corruption is and will always be part of his council’s daily preoccupation.

According to the mayor, it is only through collective efforts of Gambians that corruption can be eradicated.

Talking specifically about KMC’s efforts in fighting the menace, Bensouda recalled a case in point when someone reported corruption allegations to the council, saying that an official took bride from him and he provided evidence regarding this allegation.


“We swiftly acted on that by suspending the accused official and put him under investigations. And in another case, even the police can bear witness to that, legal actions were taken against some who were jailed after being found wanting. So, if the citizens don’t accept corruption there will be no corruption in the country,” the mayor said.

He further observed that it takes two people or more to transact a corrupt deal and so people giving bribes are equally corrupt as those asking for it.

However, the mayor said anyone making corrupt allegations must submit or provide tangible evidence and not just mere say.