Saturday, April 1

Kombo South NAM Urges Youth and Sports Minister to resign for defrauding the Country

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By Binta Jaiteh

Honourable Kebba K Barrow, member of Kombo South has urged the Minister of Youths and Sports, Honourable Bakary Badjie to resign immediately for defrauding the country’s amount worth D170,000 equivalent to 300 US Dollars.

Speaking during the debate of the State of Nation Address the member said the money was given to the Minister’s wife who is not a member of the delegation and this is taxpayer money. He added that ethically he should resign if the executive does not want to sanction him.

According to him, the President has made his speech but I didn’t hear any strategy that has been laid by the Government after COVID-19, which has ravaged the nation. At this time they should be able to know the strategies for post-COVID-19. The talk around the world is how far the Government has gone with the vaccination in this country and the rate.

‘’All the funds that have been disbursed to the Ministry of Health are not enumerated, especially the funds that were out of seven hundred and fifty million or seven hundred and thirty-four that went to the Ministry towards the Covid 19’’ he said.

However, he said, with the condition of the country and the economic downtrend, there is a need for this vehicle policy to come back so that it can be looked into, the three million or above could go into something else. This is our third ordinary session and the fourth session will be geared towards the Budget session 2023, that budget will be extraordinary because it will look into a lot of issues. I don’t know to what extent the Director of Parliamentary and legislative matters whether they invite other Ministers. We cannot be talking to ourselves because they should come and listen to what the parliamentarians have to say as representatives of the populace. After all, the President’s address is anchored on all the Ministries of this country.