Thursday, September 21

‘Lack of law enforcement contributes to teenage pregnancy’

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According to Mr. Fatty, teenage pregnancy continues to be a major concern in The Gambia, saying it is “unfortunate” that there is no comprehensive data on this aspect.

“It is worth knowing that there are laws that prohibit child marriage and equally protect the child from any form of sexual exploitation and abuse,” he said. “The lack of enforcement of these laws contributes to this menace.”

He explains the role of CPA in protecting Gambian children against teenage pregnancy as numerous, saying CPA has over the years continued to strenghten knowledge and understanding on the laws relating to child sexual exploitation and abuse.

Mr. Fatty said that CPA continues to advocate and ensure implementation of laws and policies relating to Gender-Based Violence.

He thus urged parents to take up their responsibility when it comes to the well-being of their children.

“There is a great need for effective communication between children and their parents. The law has emphasised the responsibility of parents in safeguarding children from any form of exploitation and abuse,” he noted.