Wednesday, October 5

Lack of learning materials affects students, teachers in CRR

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Textbooks and teachers’ guides are among the most important materials in schools to facilitate teaching and learning but cannot be found in some schools. In addition to the textbooks and teachers’ guides, some schools are also without furniture in their classrooms.
A teacher who spoke anonymously to our reporter said without the materials, teaching and learning becomes difficult for both teachers and students within the region. According to our source, some head teachers have been going round to other schools to look for the materials but without success.
When our reporter visited Njalal Torro Lower Basic School, he found only 12 tables in the entire school.
When approached for comments by our reporter some head teachers declined for the fear of action being taken against them by authorities.
In addition, some education authorities within the region threatened to take legal action against our reporter when he approached them for comments regarding the matter.
Meanwhile, students confirmed the lack of learning materials in their schools.
“If regional education authorities and head teachers are afraid of telling the government issues affecting our learning, that is not helping because we are the most affected and cannot do without the materials,” said a student.
Contacted for comments, parents said they always want to help their children study at home but cannot because the learning materials are not available.
Parents, teachers and students are appealing to government to intervene swiftly in addressing the issue by facilitating learning and teaching materials within the region.