Friday, March 31

Lack of quorum warrants NA Speaker to adjourn session –

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By: Binta Jaiteh

Hon Fabakary Tombong Jatta, Speaker of the National Assembly Thursday adjourned the session of the house based on not forming a required quorum to proceed with a session.

 The Agenda of the session is supposed to be the Second Reading of the Local Government Amendment BILL, 2022 (By Hon Alhagie S. Darbo, Member for Brikama North).

 Hon Speaker explained that it has come to his attention that since 10 am they are unable to get a required quorum to commence business, adding he is sure various leaders have done their best but they still don’t have a quorum necessary.

 “In the circumstance Honorable members in accordance with standing order 12 2b I will adjourn the session until Monday to 10:00 am prompt,” he said 

 Hon Lamin Ceesay, NA member for Kiang West said “We need half of the 58 members of the Assembly to present before for session of the house begins. Speaking from the bottom of my heart no member was happy about this and immediately after the Speaker adjourned the session we converged to the committee room of the Assembly to brainstorm on the matter and how members should take parliamentary proceedings more seriously over any other constituency business.”

 He stressed that some members are on official business and still some are in town but they didn’t seek any permission not to attend the session despite some engagements of the members that should not prevent them from having a quorum parliamentary.

 “People can represent you on occasions but for parliamentary sittings, only the nominated or elected member can sit on behalf of the constituency to deliberate on issues that affect the people. Today’s session was to be essential because it affects the daily lives of the country,” he argued. 

 However, he said looking at the management of the local councils and how controversial it is and there are so many lacunas in that Act that needs to be put together for clarity. 

“If members are not serious about this it is definitely uncalled for, it is important to express our dismay and encourage our colleagues for them to know that we are paid for this job,” he frowned.