Tuesday, June 6

Ladies Bantaba Donates to Old Jeshwang Juvenile Prison

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The donated food items to the Old Jeshwang Juvenile Prison

The LADIES BANTABA, a non-profitable movement, donated food items to the Old Jeshwang Juvenile Prison as part of their contribution to the well-being of the inmates.

The donation is part of the movement seventh anniversary since its establishment in 2017. The donated items include two bags of rice, one bag of sugar, a 20 litter gallon of cooking oil, two bags of onion, two bags of potato, tea, and other food items. 

Aja Fatty, the Focal Person of the movement, said the donation is part of her movement’s contribution to the advancement and welfare of the inmates.  

“We are doing this to support the prison in providing food for the children in the correction center. We are committed to supporting children and contributing to the development of this country,” she said. 

The group, according to her, was established to build strong friendships, love and care for each other through communication, discuss issues affecting ladies in society, how to take care of their marital homes, but now refocusing its efforts on supporting, empowering, and contribute to the welfare of children, women, health and other development initiatives in the country.

“Last year, during our sixth anniversary, we donated sanitary and other materials to the Department of Pediatrics at the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital (EFSTH) in Banjul and we are here today to donate to the juvenile prison in Old Jeshwang,” she said.

Isatou Secka, a member of Ladies Bantaba, said they donated to their Brothers, Sisters, Sons, and Daughters as Young Women they, see it as an obligation to support these children. 

“We understand this is a Correction center and not everyone here is bad. As Mothers, we believed that Government alone can’t do it all as we also have a role to play this is why we also put together our small token and brought it here,” she said.

ASP Taiwo Tabitha Laryea of Old Jeshwang Prison expressed her office appreciation to the Ladies Bantaba for their support towards the welfare of the Juvenile prison. She said this donation will go a long way in supporting the prisons in providing food to the inmates.  

“This donation has shown us that women have a huge affection towards the welfare of children, and we appreciated the gesture very much,” she said.