Friday, June 9

Lamin Imams Association meets Supreme Islamic Council –

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By Binta Jaiteh

Lamin Imams Association on Thursday had a meeting with the President of the Supreme Islamic Council to register their Association and also discuss pertinent issues and the way forward for the Association.

During the meeting held at the SIC secretariat, Imam Baka Mbaye, adviser to Lamin Imams Association, said the meeting was very crucial saying the association makes sure that all the Imams at Lamin meet to discuss and share ideas on issues of Islam. So “we should all come together as one and work on the way forward of Islam,” he urged.

He said they have four groups and each of those groups has been tasked to carry out a particular job in a circumstance where someone is having problems in Marriage and other issues before reaching another person let the imam know and solve the issue.

The Association deemed it necessary to engage the Council so that they can help in difficult circumstances wherein the people encounter water shortages and electricity problems. Noting that this is the reason why we select some of the elders to deliver the message on behalf of other Imams.

“We the Association further deemed it necessary to train the youths on Islam ways and even how to take care of a deceased,” he added.

Sheikh Essa Darboe, President of the Supreme Islamic Council expressed the importance of the gathering saying collaborating with such an Islamic body in the country will have a great impact.  

The council appreciates the trust that the association has in SIC, and said that Imams are doing great work in this country, and it is high time for people to know that. “This is because you also help in any community engagement including marriage, naming, and funeral ceremonies.

However, he reminded them that it is high time for people to know about their work so that they can stand and assist them since their service to the people cannot be underestimated.

“One of the aims of the council is how Imams can be paid but all that can be achieved through dialogue. Imams sacrifice and leave their work just to serve the people noting that they also have families to feed. Lamin is a big place with a huge population the reason why the Muslims didn’t know about the work of Imams is the lack of Association like this but through such gatherings, a lot will be achieved, he informed them.

Imam Sulayman Bojang, President of the Lamin Imams Association reiterated their reason for the visit to SIC.