Friday, December 8

Lands Ministry announces preparations for 2024 Hajj

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The Gambia International Airlines, GIA and private operators which were licensed by the National Hajj Commission for the 2023 hajj will be retained for the same services for the 2024 hajj.  

Therefore and in view the limited country quota and other important requirements that have to be met the following operators have been authorized to transport pilgrims to and from Mecca and provide hajj services for the 2024 hajj.

1 Gambia International Airlines

2 Banjul Travel Agency

3 Tivaouane Travel & Tours

4 Orbit Travel Agency

5 Travel Express Agency

6 Continental Travels Ltd

7 Amana Travel & Tours

8 Maya Global Travel Agency

9 Algasimou Travel Agency

10 Crossbreed Travels Ltd

11 Group Soninkara Travel Agency

12 Al – Huda Travel Agency

13 Alfaz Travel Agency

The National Hajj Commission under the Supervision of the Ministry will continue to strictly exercise its regulatory role as mandated by law to ensuring a successful Hajj 2024

In this regard intending pilgrims,

and those acting on their behalf, are hereby strictly advised to engage with only the travel agencies listed above. 

Engagements with individual agents representing agencies other than the approved ones are strictly discouraged.

Pilgrims and persons acting on their behalf who do otherwise are warned that they are doing so at their own risk. 

The government of The Gambia through the Ministry of Lands, Regional Government and Religious Affairs and the National Hajj Commission working with the Hajj Travel Operators is dedicated to ensuring Gambian pilgrims receive reliable and quality services for a fulfilling Hajj for all pilgrims.