Wednesday, September 27

Lang Tombong Tamba Confirms His Appointment As Deputy Ambassador To Russia

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Lang Tombong TambaDeputy Gambian Ambassador To Russia designate and 3rd Vice President of the Gambia Football Federation

By Buba Gagigo

Lang Tombong Tamba has confirmed to Kerr Fatou his appointment as the Deputy Gambian Ambassador to Russia.

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“Yes is true. They have informed me about the appointment, and the letter will follow,” he said when asked by this reporter.

Lang Tombong Tamba is the 3rd Vice President of the Gambia Football Federation (GFF).

Prior to his GFF Vice Presidency, Lang Tombong Tamba who was born in 1965,  was the Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) of the Gambia Armed Forces, until his arrest, detention and trial following an allegation of his involvement in a attempted coup on Jammeh government.

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