Tuesday, June 6

Latrikunda Sabiji NAM Reacts to increment in NAWEC Tariffs

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By Mustapha Jarju

Hon Yaya Menteng Sanyang, National Assembly Member for Latrikunda Sabiji has reacted to the new increment in NAWEC tariffs saying the government of President Adama Barrow has failed the Gambians. 

“Rice, sugar, and everything are expensive in the country and the Barrow government released a document indicating an increment in NAWEC products – water and electricity-cash power,” Hon Menteng said.

He asked if this is a government that has sympathy for the people or if the government is necessary to be voted into office.

He stressed that the incumbent government has damaged the country`s economy beyond repair, which is why when the government brought its budget before the National Assembly he told the minister that the budget is bad news, and that is what we are experiencing. 

“The Barrow government is unable to repair our economy and now they are trying to eat the flesh of the Gambian people, so they can pay their salaries in other to govern the state,” Hon aya Menteng Sanyang exclaimed.

Without mince of words, he said The Gambia is a sad country because “every day you have to buy cash power, women go to the market to sell and the small money they gain is what they use to buy cash power and provide fish money for the family survival likewise for men and drivers.”