Friday, February 3

Lawmaker Calls For Prioritisation of Anti-Corruption Bill & Election Bill During 2023 Parliamentary Sittings

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By: Nyima Sillah

Hon. Sulayman Jammeh, National Assembly Member for Bundungka Kunda has launched a fresh call for the prioritization of the Anti-corruption and Election bills ahead of the 2023 parliamentary sittings.

In an interview with The Voice on Tuesday, Hon Jammeh said some bills are pending before the parliament since the 5th legislature and are yet to be prioritized.

Hon. Jammeh since they cannot count on the Local Government Acts which are yet not in meaning but the Anti-corruption and Election bills which are pending before the assembly should be given utmost priority so that they can take action.

Jammeh said the parliament should also do a lot of improvements in the 2023 sittings to fast-track all the pending bills for immediate consideration and action.

“I know there are a few bills that are already in the house for this 2023. Thus, we cannot finish it but we can at least deal with three-quarters of the bills if we work in harmony regardless of our political affiliation,” he said.

The Bundungka Kunda lawmaker said during the sittings based on the budget that is passed and approved, he expects all institutions to wisely implement the budget effectively and efficiently for development

“Political maturity and tolerance are something we expect from all political leaders because we can only achieve our development goal if we are politically matured and realistic in the programmes we do,” he advised.