Friday, September 22

Lawmakers to lift ban on skin bleaching

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Lawmakers have yesterday began a move to lift a ban on skin bleaching that stirred controversy in the country earlier this year after members of the National Assembly sought to impose ban on skin bleaching.

Nineteen National Assembly members rejected the bill leaving only eleven lawmakers in support of it, due to be passed at the third reading.

Speaker Mariam Jack Denton said: “the third reading of the said Bill in accordance with clause 73(4) and 75.”

Minister Justice Dawda Jallow, said: “having considered and evaluating our chances of success on this bill in standing order (76) of this assembly move a motion for the bill to be withdrawn. He said

Meanwhile, Honorbale Halifa Sallah cited “section 76 is dealing with the withdrawal of a bill and the person in charge may make a motion with notice it cannot be spontaneous,” adding “However, an act to repeal the skin bleaching (prohibition) Act. (Cap 13.08 laws of The Gambia 2009) as it found to be discriminatory against women, and girls in line with the constitution and for connected maters.”

However, the National Assembly members have started re-considering the petroleum commission bill for possible approval, and the business committee will appoint a date for the consideration.

Mariam Jack Denton Speaker of the National Assembly said: “we will recall on the committee stage of the petroleum bill 2021 was concluded on Monday.”

Honorable Halifa Sallah member of parliament representing Serrekunda who moved the motion for re consideration cited clause 26 of the bill on the standing order 53H and (74,1), adding “having regard of ( 53H) which allows motion for the reconsideration of a bill to be moved without notice.”

“Having regard of standing order 74,1 which states if any member desires to leave out or amend provision contain in a bill following consideration stage. To introduce any new provision, he or she may at any time before the person in charge of the bill rises move the third reading of the bill be considered either. Owing respect only of some particular part or parts of the bill. Or some proposed new clause or new scheduled.

“I hereby rise to seek leave to move a motion to amend clause (26) of the bill for your consideration. However, whereas clause 26, 3 was imported into the bill at the consideration stage citing that all subsidiary regulation made under this act shall be subjected to approval of the National Assembly. Whereas consultation before the third reading has led to consensus building on the need to leave out clause 26, 3. 26,2 be amended,” he said.

“To read without prejudice to sub-section 1 regulation may be made by the Minister in consultation with the commission for the exploration at appraisal and development of petroleum, related operation and production,” he added.