Friday, June 2

Lawsuit against Aisha Fatty adjourned

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By Mama A. Touray

As the High Court will in April 2023 embark on vacation Justice Jaiteh of the Banjul High Court has on Wednesday adjourned a lawsuit against Aisha Fatty for a pre-trial for June 22.

Lawyer Lamin S Camara appearing for the first defendant (Aisha Fatty) said they acknowledge the service of the originating process filed by the plaintiff, and that they were served on Wednesday 22nd March 2023 at around 2 pm and they intend to vigorously defend to file their defense within the statutory time.

Justice Jaiteh urged the plaintiff and the defendant’s lawyers to file any process so that by the next adjourned date they can start with the pretrial conference to avoid delay. Added that during the adjourned date both parties can exchange pleas and serve all the processes needed.

Justice Jaiteh later said a notice and a copy of the scheduled dates will be issued to the second defendant (Inspector General of Police) and later adjourned the matter to the 22nd June 2023, 5th, 6th, 12th, 13th, 19th, 24th, and 25th July 2023.

In effort to not delay the trial, Justice Jaiteh fix a schedule for the pretrial and the commencement of the trial “The 22nd of June 2023, will be the commencement of the plaintiff pretrial conference, 5th July continuation of the plaintiff pretrial conference. 6th July will be the first defendant’s pretrial conference, and 12th July continuation of the defendant’s pretrial conference. 13th of July will be the second defendant’s pretrial conference and the 19th of July continuation of the second defendant’s pretrial conference. 24th July commencement of the trial, 25th July continuation of trial.” He said

According to the writ of summon, Abdoulaye Thiam was introduced to Aisha Fatty in Dakar by one Myam Diaw, a Senegalese lady, whereupon they began a good friendship.

Sometime later, according to the suit, Abdoulaye Thiam and Aisha Fatty began a relationship and he proposed to marry her and soon began preparations for their marriage.

The statement of claim further alleged that ahead of the proposed marriage, the two flew to Dubai together where the plaintiff (AbdoulayeThiam) spent US$100,000.00 for their wedding preparations. 

They also went to Paris, France, where Abdoulaye claimed he spent another Euro100,000.00 on designer bags and watches. A further US$50,000.00 was given to Aisha Fatty to buy African clothes from Nigeria, according to the statement of claim.

The statement also disclosed that since their proposed wedding, Abdoulaye has been giving Aisha the sum of D180,000.00 every month for her maintenance.

But, according to the statement, despite all the preparations and expenses made by Abdoulaye in anticipation of his marriage to Aisha, she failed and or refused to go ahead with the marriage which was scheduled for December 2021.

The plaintiff, AbdoulayeThiam also alleged in the suit that a sum of Euro150,000.00 was given to Aisha Fatty for the construction of a three-storey building complex in the Gambia, while another sum of D19,500,000.00 was also given to her to purchase a villa at Fajara Waterfront.

Abdoulaye Thiam is also claiming the sum of CFA 822,000,000.00 which he alleged was expended in the purchase of gold given to Aisha for business.

The plaintiff is further seeking a declaration that he is the bona fide owner of a black Mercedes Benz GLE63 Braubus with Registration Number BJL 4222W or in the alternative, the sum of Euro 200.000.00, being the value of the car.

He is also seeking a court declaration that he is the bona fide owner of a white Mercedes Benz GLE 53 car with registration Number BJL 0999W or in the alternative the sum of US$102,000.00, being the value of the car.

The statement of claim disclosed further that Aisha’s refusal to go ahead with the proposed marriage has caused the plaintiff great financial losses, and embarrassment within the family, colleagues, and friends who were duly invited to their marriage.

The Inspector General of Police is also included in the suit because the cars are currently under the custody of the police.