Monday, December 4

Lawyer Fatty: Alhagie Borra’s Arrest And Detention Follows A Deeply Worrying Trend In Our Country

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Lawyer Abdoulie Fatty

Alagie Bora, popular comedian, has been re-arrested and detained at an undisclosed police facility. It’s been 48 hours since his detention. The revocation of his bail and detention came no sooner than the President’s blatant threats of curtailing the rule of law, the cornerstone of democracy and good governance.

Alagie Bora’s arrest and detention follows a deeply worrying trend in our country. The Police are trying to normalise inviting those who express dissenting views or are critical of this administration. This is a deliberate and systemic assault on our fundamental rights and freedoms and it is aimed at killing dissent and suppressing political opponents, real or perceived. The IGP is allowing the police to be used to achieve the political objectives of this administration to stifle independent opinion and critical views. Those who disagree with this administration are seen as detractors, enemies of the state and threats to national security. Quite the opposite. Anybody who publicly boasts about undermining court orders is more of a threat to our peace, stability and national security because such dangerous rhetoric and provoking utterances are more capable of igniting chaos and triggering violent reaction. The Attorney General’s Chambers, the principal legal advisers to government, are complicit in this issue by their subdued silence.

The mantra of the TRRC is Never Again. We’re in the implementing phase of the TRRC recommendations, which government endorsed almost 100%. At this crucial stage of our country’s transition from 22 years of brutal dictatorship to democracy, not only going to the polls now and then, but meaningful transformation of how state institutions work, it is utterly concerning that those tasked the responsibility of delivering a better New Gambia are the same people that are callously trying to derail the entire TJ process. We are a more polarisedsociety today than we were in 2016, largely due to malignant rhetoric, hence political leaders must, all times, exercise restraint and demonstrate good judgment in their actions and statements.

Alagie Bora has committed no crime. You’re simply trying to gag him.

#Free Alagie Bora

Abdoulie Fatty