Wednesday, February 8

Legendary Musician Lie Ngum dies at 73

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Mr. Ngum was among the oldest artistes and had played in almost different parts of the world – being recognised as a legend in the art industry. He had touched most hearts in his tenure as an artiste, singing about real issues of life that also contributed to The Gambia’s music art.

The veteran singer and pianist played with Super Alligators and Guelewar Jazz Band. He contributed a lot to the promotion and development of Gambian music and trained many musicians.

In a tribute, Musa Mboob, who worked with the deceased, expressed sadness while stating that Mr. Ngum was among the best Gambians with vast knowledge about music.

“I had worked with him in the country and Europe. If you had worked and got close to Lie, you would realise how kindhearted he was. In all our tours, sitting with talented people, Lie used to arrange and compose his songs. That’s a gift because many musicians can arrange but they cannot compose.”

With Oko Drammeh’s support, he explained that they travelled together in Holland composing music for five months. He added that had it been that the Gambia had a music school; Lie would have been one of the best lecturers.