Wednesday, September 27

Let’s Go Back To Allah, Morality – Islamic Leader

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“Pakeba 2021”, the ziara or prayer ceremony of Jaiteh Kabas and other descendants of Phoday Mahmud Jailane came and went with their Kalifa General, Saihou Kebba Jaiteh, sending out strong message by calling on peoples to return to Allah (God) and morality for peace and stability to reign in societies and across the globe.

This was the central theme of the venerable Moslem leader’s statement who is the Kalifa (head) of all the Jaitehs originating from or residing: in Kaur, Kuntaur, Jarumeh Koto towns situated in Central River Region (CRR) and elsewhere across the Gambia and beyond.

The last weekend of May every year, decendants of Phoday Mahmud Jailane, their disciples and friends converge at the burial ground of their late grandfather who was believed to be a great man of Allah (God) to pray for and remember the good works and efforts he made towards the teaching, propagation and spread of Quranic/Islamic knowledge and high level of spirituality within the Senegambia region and beyond.

Continuing his message of peace to the gathering, the Kaba’s Kalifa who is fondly called Nfann Saikeeba Jaiteh, prayed for peace in the Gambia, Senegal and the wider world. However, he was quick to add that for people everywhere to have complete peace, they must turn to almighty Allah (God) and follow Islamic teachings/principles of morality and good societal values as ordained and spelt out in the Holy Quran and other holy scriptures. Jaiteh further preached peace and prayed to God so that all Gambians, Senegalese as well as other societies will prosper and have solutions to diseases, sufferings and other prevailing worries of the present times.

For his part, Alhagie Saikou Dinding Jaiteh also hailed the aged-old Jahanka tradition of seniority and followership with senior members of their society leading followed by their juniors. “That is how we found it and we inherited it from our forefathers,” he reiterated. He also recognised and praised the presence and high level of participation from their cousins – the Sillahs, Jabbies, Drammehs among others as well as their followers and friends within Senegal and the Gambia.

Alhagie Bambo Jaiteh, in his remarks commended Senegalese authorities for the warm reception and solidarity accorded to all those who went to Pakeba. He praised Senegalese people for the high level of respect they always express to religious people, especially those from traditional religious families. He also challenged Gambian authorities to emulate their Senegalese counterparts by according religious houses the respect they deserve within the society.

Other speakers included Abdoul Kadirr Jaiteh who made a statement on behalf of the organizing committee for Pakeba 2021. Meanwhile, it could be recalled that the first version of Pakeba started off in 1952 and continued on annual basis till 1979 when it was suspended due to crossing problem over Sami Bolong and lack of a bridge around the area. With the bridge over the small Sami River, Pakebba resumed less some 15 years ago.

The late Phoday Mahmud was blessed with daughters and eight sons who settled in Kaur, Jarumeh Koto Village and Kuntaur Fulla Kunda. His family members, their cousins and other descendants are well-known for their contribution towards the spread and teaching of Quran/Islamic knowledge, education and high level of spirituality within, The Gambia, Senegal and other parts of the sub region.