Wednesday, October 4

LGCI: Steering committee uses project finances as loan

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Ebrima Sanyang and Phoday Jaiteh, director of Procurement Policy and Operations at GPPA and director general of GPPA respectively, jointly appeared before the Commission, while testifying. 

“People were taking the project money for their personal gains,” Deputy Lead Counsel Patrick Gomez said.

“When people are selected to implement the project, they are allocated allowances. They probably abuse the system to give themselves loans. Loans and salaries are not part of procurement. It is a matter of administration,” Mr Ebrima Sanyang testified, adding that if part of the money was diverted for personal gains, then part of the project will not be implemented.

The project requires installation of solar at Crab Island. Another component includes fencing of the Banjul dumpsite around the Mile II vicinity. Meanwhile, funding was secured from EU through Ostend City Council of Belgium

“Such projects are donor-funded, and they have financial agreements. Part of the agreement was probably for the creation of a special committee to be responsible for the project,” Sanyang said.

Members of the steering committee, according to the project file, are Mustapha Batchilly, CEO; Mamlie Jassey, project coordinator; Essa Sowe, procurement officer; Alfusainey Gang; Anna Barry, admin secretary; Alpha Modou Bah, procurement intern; Dado Jallow, procurement assistant, and Oumie Bah, procurement intern. Others include 2 representatives of GPPA, Unique Energy and Ostend. One of the 2 GPPA personnel’s name is Ousman Krubally

However, the witness held that GPPA does not have “any staff with the name Ousman Krubally.” The witness also raised other non-compliance issues in relation to this project. According to a correspondence from BCC to GPPA, the witness said the contract was awarded to Unique Energy

He stated again: “According to our findings, the contract was signed not long ago, but the implementation did not start yet. I don’t know why it was not implemented since, but I know the contract was signed with the successful bidder. It has not taken effect.”