Friday, December 8

LGSC Acknowledges Receipt of Dismissal Resolutions from BsAC & BsAC

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By Mama A. Touray

The Local Government Service Commission (LGSC) has acknowledged the receipt of two dismissal resolutions from the Brikama Area Council (BAC) and Basse Area Council (BsAC), respectively.

In a press release issued on Wednesday, LGSC said it received a resolution from BsAC on 16 October 2023, that the council did not want to continue working with the acting CEO Bai GibbiSallah, and the director of finance Lamin Jassey.

The duo was recently deployed to BsAC following the interdiction of former CEO Ousman Touray and ex-finance director Lamin Suso on allegations of financial malpractice.

LGSC said in its release that the commission also received a resolution from BAC on 17 October 2023, recommending the suspension of the council’s director of finance and 13 other staff for alleged financial and administrative malpractices.

The commission said the BAC, however, withdrew its position on the suspension of seven trade license collectors out of the list of 14 after verifying that the allegations levied against them were unfounded.

“Be it noted that the Local Government Service Commission has since held several emergency sessions with both parties from Basse and Brikama Area councils and are currently reviewing their submissions to enable it to take informed and impartial decisions in accordance with service regulations,” the release said.

According to the release, pursuant to Section 37 of the Local Government Act 2002, as amended, councils, through their Establishment and Appointment Committees, shall recommend to the Local Government Service Commission the appointment, dismissal, conditions of service and discipline of officers and other employees and any matters connected therewith.

The LGSC, however, reemphasized that no council resolution bears finality over the appointment, dismissal, or discipline of any staff of a council. 

“It is the primary and statutory duty of the Local Government Service Commission to take such measures against staff of the Local Government Service with the exception of staff on grades 1 to 3, which are delegated to Chief Executive Officers by the Commission,” elucidated the release.

LGSC said the commission will only preside over matters outside the gazetted mandate of the ongoing Local Government Commission of Inquiry, which spans from May 2018 to January 2023 “to avoid duplicity of efforts”.

The LGSC urged the public to exercise patience and allow it to exercise due diligence in addressing the matters at hand.