Wednesday, February 1

Libya Islamic School Gets Over D20,000

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By Adama Makasuba

A philanthropist, Askia Mahamad Sillah has donated D21,000.00 (twenty-one thousand dalasis) to Libya Islamic School in Serrekunda to help the school in its 11th July maiden graduation ceremony for its 12 class students.

Mr Sillah, who has been giving back support to The Gambian society for some years now, was heaped with praises by the school management and students for his continuous support to the school. Among other things he has been offering free services for the school for years.

Speaking to the principal of the school, Outaz Saikou Mohamdou Marrena, he praised Mr Sillah for the support saying it will go a long way in its effort to build a better learning institution in the country.

“We thank him for helping the school because he has been supporting the school both in cash and kind,” he said.

Askia Mahamad Sillah said: “I just have a hobby to help my fellow human beings, so the little money I have, I have to share it with the people and I have been doing it for quite a long time.”

“My inspiration is ‘I own a nation’ so if you own a nation you take responsibility and you don’t give any excuse, because if you don’t build it nobody will build it for you. So, I started to build my nation, I think we have to be more practical than theoretical. And it is high time that we are actionable,” he added.

Meanwhile, Ousman Jallow, president of the school students’ union, also said: “we are very happy for him because he has been supporting the school especially we the students in paying our school fees. Because most of the times students couldn’t afford to pay their school fees, but he has taken it up as his lifestyle by helping the needy people. We cannot pay him but we will continue to pray for him.” Also, Kaddija Marong, treasurer of the school also echoed similar remarks.