Saturday, March 25

Lunatic allegedly killed two minors in Kiang Jiffarong

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By: Mustapha Jarju

Two minors were allegedly killed yesterday by a man believed to be mentally imbalanced in Kiang Jiffarong in the Lower River Region causing pandemonium in the village as villagers thronged the health centre to express their solidarity with the families of the victims.

Speaking to The Voice via telephone, the father of the late child, Fakebba Njie, narrated that he was at a funeral in one of the neighboring villages when he was called by a relative from the village explaining the circumstances leading to the murder of his daughter and niece.

“When I received the information about the death of my daughter, I asked whether it was a vehicle accident, then I was told she was slaughtered by a lunatic,” he emotionally told The Voice

Mr. Njie explained that he cannot dig into the details of the alleged murder case because he was not at home at the time of the incident, but noted that the children were killed in the local bathroom of one of their step-mothers was not present during the incident or any other person in the compound at the time.

“Someone who is mentally fit will not kill children like this, we know it is painful but understand that the alleged perpetrator is mentally imbalanced,” he said.

The police have confirmed the incident as investigators are currently on the ground to gather more information as the alleged lunatic is apprehended and is helping the police in their investigations.

The deceased, a male and a female are believed to be at the age of six at the time of the incident.