Monday, February 6

Madi Ceesay Bemoans Partisan Politics At National Assembly

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Serekunda West NAM Madi Ceesay has bemoaned that partisan politics is posing myriad challenges to the Gambia’s legislature.

According to the Serekunda West legislator, since members of the National Assembly found themselves on different “wavelengths”, the legislature continues to experience numerous challenges.

Hon. Ceesay told The Voice in an exclusive interview that partisan politics on the floor of the legislature is at variance with progressive tendencies.

The SK West NAM recalled with regret the crashing of the draft constitution.

“The biggest challenge I regretted was the draft constitution,” he told this medium.

According to Hon. Ceesay, despite the heavy investment in the draft constitution, the huge public expectation for it to be passed, and the subsequent passionate debate at the Assembly, the draft could not see the light of day.

He stressed that for The Gambia to progress, there’s urgency and the need to extract partisan politics from the country’s body politics, especially at the legislature.

He pointed out that the National Assembly proceedings in 2022 were replete with partisan politics with no apparent return on expenditures.

 Salary Augmentation

Hon. Ceesay pointed out that the increase in salaries especially that of the President, was not a priority.

He said the allocation of a D3.6m salary package to the President formed part of the issues that the National Assembly should have thoroughly reflected on.

“We must sacrifice to deliver to Gambians. This country needs salary restructuring so that other cash can be saved for developmental purposes,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Mr. Ceesay credited the 5th Legislature for establishing committees such as the human rights and petitions committees.

He also reminisced about the passing of the Local Government Act during the 5th Legislature.