Wednesday, June 7

Madi Ceesay refutes FTJ’s allegation against Mayor Bensouda –

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 Honorable Madi Ceesay, National Assembly Member for Serrekunda West has refuted Honorable FaBakary Tombong Jatta, the Speaker of the National Assembly statements against Mayor Talib Ahmed Bensouda of the Kanifing Municipality.

 Hon Ceesay explained that the Speaker, after the nomination of Talib, told the public that Bensouda since his term in office only has two achievements which are the Mbalit Project and the planting of flowers at Kanifing.

He (Hon Ceesay) regard the statements as “misleading and false” at the campaign ground of Mayor Bensouda in Kotu, saying when Mayor Talib came into office, he transformed the Bakoteh dumpsite this everyone can attest to it. 

 “During my campaign in 2017, my worry including the challenge of the country was the dumpsite previously when passing the area the smell was too bad and people could not breathe properly. The members of the Assembly and the Mayor used to be worried about the smoke, and the people living in that area face numerous challenges.

 “As the representative of the people I always advocate for the issue of the dumpsite and also for the people to know that the members don’t have any funds to construct roads but our mandate is to fight for the needs of the electorates at the parliament,” he said.

He stressed that after pleading at the National Assembly, the central government didn’t assist them, and the council has to pull out money to transform the place, noting today people leave comfortably in the environment and the passerby also feel relief from the hazardous pollution.

 However, he added, another achievement of Talib is the FajiKunda market, “We all know that GAMWORKS has also worked but the council also played its part that was done under the leadership of Yankuba Colley, FaBakary should know that people called him Honorable and he should lead by telling the truth and avoid misleading the public.”

He, therefore, advised the people to vote wisely because the progressiveness of the KM depends on Talib leadership.