Wednesday, February 1

Madi Ceesay Urges Gov’t to respect rights of alleged Coup Plotters

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By: Nyima Sillah

Hon Madi Ceesay, Chairperson of the National Assembly (NA) Human Rights Committee has urged the government to respect the rights of alleged coup plotters whilst under custody.

“My concern is the people that are under detention have basic rights and those rights should be respected. I am urging the government to make sure that the alleged coup plotters who are charged and those that are not yet charged and any of them who are under the custody of the state, the state must guarantee their human rights status,” he told The Voice in an Exclusive interview.

He disclosed that the right to medication, decent cells, enough ventilation, and enough food is part of their rights. “These rights should be respected by the state and put to a standard no matter what. Whether you are accused or found guilty once under State custody the person’s right should be respected.”

Hon Ceesay added that the alleged coup plotters should be accorded their human rights no matter what crime they might have been accused of, “since their liberty of movement is seized the other rights should be met.”

He went on to say that the “Government should push faster this case, it should be prioritized. This kind of serious allegation against citizens should not take a very long time justice delay is justice denied. So, the people who are accused should be given all possibilities of explaining themselves before a competent court so that the process should be speedy.

“Since they are given a timeline they should work hard so that at the end of the 30 days they should submit all their reports to avoid delaying the case.”

Meanwhile, he said until the panel set to investigate the issue submits their report, he has all right to be pessimistic about the whole allegation.