Monday, December 4

Madi Says Gambia Has Backslid to Dictatorship

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By NyimaSillah

The National Assembly Member (NAM) for SerekundaWest, Madi Ceesay, said the Gambia has now backslidto dictatorship.

“I am very disappointed with such words coming from the country’s highest institution. This is the least we expect from the government. With all the mechanisms in place,” NAM Ceesay told The Voice in an interview.

The lawmaker stated that President Barrow should assist journalists to carry out their work effectively, adding that the head of state attacking the media and mentioning names has never happened anywhere in the world.

“The President brags that there is press freedom in the country which, I doubt because the issues happening cannot be called press freedom. As a country, we are going back to the same regime as that of Jammeh. You cannot tell journalists what to do or say. All you can dois inform them to operate based on the law. Looking at it, journalists report on issues that occur but not fabricated stories,” Ceesay stressed.

He asserted that the government should assess itselfand promote press freedom, arguing that as head of state, Barrow cannot arrest people. 

“That power is bestowed on the police. So, I wondered where he got that power from,’’ Madi asked, adding it is high time people took positions, especially the media.

“You cannot suppress news. Even though several arrests occurred during Jammeh’s time still, we struggled and that never stopped our work,” NAM Ceesay stated.

However, the veteran journalist further expressed dissatisfaction, reiterating that the statement is not correct as most of the grants and loans are tied to certain things relevant to freedom and democracy