Tuesday, June 6

Magistrate Krubally appeals for inclusion, non-discrimination of disabled

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“I just want to say that the GADHOH is an organisation of persons with disability duly registered under Gambia Federation of the Disabled, which is the umbrella federation of all organisations of persons with disability in The Gambia that continue to advocate and network for support for persons with disability in The Gambia,” he said

Talking about the principles of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, he said:

“The state parties to the Convention as well as other authorities should ensure empowerment and advancement of women with disability.”

He further stated that article 19 of the same convention also advocates independence and inclusion into the community for the disabled, which includes women.

“On behalf of GFD, we are also really calling for more support from donors, the government, individuals, and from other authorities, just to see the full and effective participation, inclusion and non-discrimination of persons with disabilities,” he appealed.

Leading the disabled community’s umbrella body, Mr. Krubally is the first and only visually impaired Gambian to become a magistrate in the history of The Gambia.

Among the federation’s many roles are working closely with the Department of Social Welfare, which is the line department for disability issues within the Gambian Government, as well as advocating for equality and inclusivity.