Sunday, November 27

Mai raises concern over Gambia’s security circumstances

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“I am talking about not just conventional security; also the insecurity posed by the continuing invasion of narcotics and other dangerous contraband into our country, at alarming proportions with rapidity. Security is the foundation of stability, the building block for peace and the engine of ingenuity. Ingenuity is the basis of human progress which provides an avenue for development and prosperity,” Mr. Fatty writes.

The former Interior minister stated that escalating insecurity at all levels, potentially threatens our collective existence as a viable nation.

He continued that insecurity is blind to partisan politics, saying “that’s why it is not just law enforcement agencies but demands decisive response from all and sundry.”

“Institutional indifference and/or incompetence flourishes with unrestrained velocity. Institutions don’t operate themselves; they are manned by Gambians. It’s not simply about leadership deficit; it’s more to do with general attitude towards collective wellbeing: patriotic deficiency, greed and avarice.”

The former adviser to President Adama Barrow reiterated that people entrusted with authority at various state Institutions, willfully betray public trust without consequences, while adding that our society continues to glorify rustic leadership at different levels, based on myopic considerations.

To restore the balance, he advised that Gambia must restore morality into politics, and accord it prominence at the heart of the political discourse. “Quantum politics is what we require at these challenging times.”