Friday, May 27

Mamadi Kurang says inducement policy multiplied in Gambia

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Mamadi Kurang, a political ally of People Democracy for Organization, Independent and Socialism, has said inducement policy has multiplied in the country.

Mr Kurang was speaking during a joint news conference held at the political bureau of People Democracy for Organization, Independent and Socialism in Churchill Town.

“Just like what people ask me during the campaign, what is the cause of inflation, I said it seems like what we voted for because when we say inflation economics will say simply too much money favoring few groups,” he said.

“Now how do you explain that when you have a democracy and you have people who call themselves democrats, we worked for this democracy, we all worked to make sure that dictatorship goes off. Credit to the two honorable sittings with me and every Gambian can testify to that they have sacrificed a lot to make sure that dictatorship gives way to a democracy.

“So, we expected a dividend to come that we owe to The Gambian people, we don’t owe to Adama Barrow or any specific person. The people who voted to change the system are people we owe it to. They expected a dividend,” he added.

“But when we vote and the people are in power, they feel that to maintain power they have to go around at night giving envelopes to people. They have to go at the policy of inducement. The policy of inducement in The Gambia has just multiplied over the years. What we have seen now in my constituency, Niamina, I contested,” he continued.

“We know democracy, like the honorable is just saying, democracy is an investment and for every investment it should have a dividend. So, we usually say where the democracy dividend is. And in the case of The Gambia, we know what has happened and transpired during the election. You journalists were on the ground and we were all on the ground, so the argument of the honorable. Obviously, what we have seen on the ground by the ruling party and others who adopt the same type of politics are not so interested in democracy in substance. The interest is basically a democracy in form.

“You know what I am saying is that we lost the election and we accepted that we lost the election in good faith because we are democrats however that cannot stop us from highlighting some of the practices which will not lead us to democracy in substance, but will eventually lead us to just a democracy in form.”