Monday, March 27

Man ordered to pay D100,000 fine for assault, in default to serve 4-year imprisonment –

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By Nicholas Bass

Magistrate Ebou Sowe of Brikama Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday convicted Omar Jatta of Darsilameh Village to pay a fine of D100,000 for chopping his sister’s right hand with a cutlass, which caused her serious bodily harm.

The convict, Omar Jatta,, pleaded guilty to chopping his sister’s right hand with a cutlass, stating that it was not a willful act.  

However, the prosecutor, Inspector Kemo Y. Manneh, emphasized that after when the convict changed the padlock of a family store he failed to inform his family which resulted in a conflict between him (Omar Jatta) and one Malang Manneh where he chopped Kaddy Jatta’s right hand when she went to separate them. 

The prosecution tendered a medical paper of the victim, four pictures of the victim, a cutlass, and a voluntary and cautionary statement as exhibits which were taken and marked as exhibits at the court. 

At this juncture, the presiding magistrate Ebou Sowe wasted no time to enter judgment after recording the convict’s plea of guilty.

”I have listened to the plea of the accused and having in mind that he is a first-time offender, I will not impose a sentence against him, instead, I will order him to pay a fine.

“The accused, Omar Jatta is hereby ordered to pay a fine of D100,000 and in default, he shall serve four years imprisonment with a compensation of D80,000 in default to serve three years imprisonment,” Magistrate E. Sowe ruled.