Tuesday, December 6

Manding Bunbaa Has No Plans to Visit President Barrow

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By Kebba Ansu Manneh

Manding Bunbaa, an umbrella Association of fifteen Mandinka Societies existing in the country has dissociated itself from any planned visit to President Adama Barrow, emphasising that the Kingdom is apolitical and has no plans to visit any political leader in the country.

The Kingdom also explained why it has suspended the leader of the defunct 3 Years Jotna, Musa Korteh aka King Sport from Manding Bunbaa, saying King Sport violated the rules prohibiting tribal insults and castigations.

These revelations are contained in a dispatch statement issued by Manding Bunbaa over the weekend following the announcement by Manding Warriors, a split group of the Kingdom that is currently led by ‘King Sport’ to meet President Adama Barrow coming 29th October 2022.

“Manding Bunbaa has no plans of visiting any political leader, we want to focus on uniting all Mandinkas irrespective of their religion or political affiliations,” Salifu Chaba Manneh, Secretary General, Manding Bunbaa appended on behalf of the Kingdom.

He added: “I want to make it clear that there is no enmity or competition between the union of Manding Bunbaa and a Mandinka association called Manding Warriors. Manding Warriors was part of the Manding Bunbaa just like many other Mandinka societies under Manding Bunbaa.

One of the founding fathers of the Manding Warriors, Musa Koteh, alias King Sport violated the tribal insults and castigations laws under Manding Bunbaa in an audio released on Manding Bunbaa forum whilst responding to Omar Sanneh aka Bai Tulillah.”

The Secretary-General of Mandin Bunbaa further clarified that the audio Kingsport shared on the Manding Bunbaa forum contained insults on the Jola tribe prompting mass condemnation from members. He explained further that King Sport couldn’t stand the condemnation from members of the Manding Bunbaa forum leading to his withdrawal from the Manding Bunbaa union of Manding Bunbaa.

“He couldn’t stand the condemnation coming from members of Manding Bunbaa and decided to withdraw his association with the Manding Warriors from the Union. His war of words with Baitullah is no problem to Manding Bunbaa, but using Manding Bunbaa forum to castigate Baitullah’s tribe is unacceptable,” Manding Bunbaa SG, Salifu Chaba Manneh explained.

He added: “It is his Manding Warriors who planned to visit the President coming 29th October 2022. Manding Bunbaa has no plans to visit any political leader; we want to focus on uniting all Mandinkas irrespective of their religion or political affiliations.”

He went further to reveal that the leadership of Manding Bunbaa under the stewardship of Mansa Amadou Kora has done all it takes to bring back the split group Manding Warriors but it is to no avail, adding that the doors of Manding Bunbaa are always open as far as uniting Mandinkas in the country is a concern.