Monday, October 3

Many things are going in wrong direction, says Omar Jallow

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By: Nyima Sillah

Alpha Omar Jallow, a former consultant in the recent parliamentary elections and a concerned Gambian has said there are so many things that are going in the wrong direction in the Gambia which is directly affecting the lives and livelihood of people daily.

Among these, he said inefficient service deliveries in the public sector include a lack of solutions to the high cost of commodities, insufficient and high cost of fertilizer, poor salary, poor agricultural system, and poor economy, among others.

Speaking to this medium, Jallow said as a concerned Gambian, he has realized that the Gambian people have been seriously cheated in various aspects which is a worse situation at the moment. Additionally, he said many average people find it difficult to sustain their livelihoods in the country as a result of the high cost of commodities.

“As we all know food is a human right and every person should have the right to access quality foods. But right now many Gambians depend on the very poor quality of foods due to the expensiveness of food commodities,” he said. The price of goods, he said, is at its increment on daily basis in a country with a low salary scale. “Some Gambians have a salary scale of about D1500 which needs to be addressed,” he argued.

He further pointed out the need for the Gambia to produce most of the imported edible products, especially rice, and that the government should invest hugely in rice cultivation to ensure the country consumes its rice.

“The government should positively utilize the river Gambia through the cultivation of rice, more investment should be done in Jahally-Pacharr, Janjanbureh, and other rice fields in the Upper River Region,” he said.

Commenting on the last flash flood in the country, he blamed the government through the Ministry of Lands saying the Department of Physical Planning should have put measures in place to prevent the disaster.

“The Physical Planning should have done preventive measures to ensure this did not happen. This department should have stopped people from constructing on waterways,” he argued.

He called on the Ministry of Lands to embark on a massive sensitization to create awareness construction of houses while he as well talked about the high cost of fertilizer which is less affordable to the farmers.