Thursday, December 7

Mariama Barry to represent Gambia in Int’l boxing competition in Ghana

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By Jankey Ceesay

The Gambia’s only female boxer, Mariama Barry, is set to represent the country in an international boxing tournament in October in Ghana.

The West African Edition tournament is exclusively for girls involved in boxing.

Mariama Barry said she was overwhelmed and excited to represent The Gambia internationally in doing what she really loves.

“I have always been a sports fan since I was a kid but boxing attracts me. I always watch it on TV and wish I could actually box one day. Finally here I am boxing and about to represent my country internationally. I couldn’t be happier,” Mariama said.

Mariama added that as the only female boxer in the country, she needs support and empowerment from Gambians to multiply her efforts to bring something home any time she represents the country.

She added that she has been and is still training in preparation for the tournament in October.

“My association is doing everything possible to see that I represent the country in the tournament but need assistance. I do not want my training and effort, that of other boxers, trainers and the association to go in vain,” she said.

Alasana Bah, the president of The Gambia National Boxing Association, said Mariama is the only female boxer in the country and thus needs support from the government, NGOs and other sport associations to facilitate her trip to Ghana.

“Finance is boxing’s major challenge in the country. I would like citizens to see the sport as a lucrative one and support it. Boxing is an Olympic sport and thus profitable to an individual and a nation at large,” Mr Bah said.

GIRLS BOX is an all-female boxing tournament which started in 2021.

This year’s edition of the annual female tournament dubbed GIRLS BOX 2022 is set to go down as a novelty in the annals of history as one of the finest organised female boxing tourneys with the help of the World Boxing Council (WBC).