Thursday, December 7

Marie Sock calls for empowerment of security forces

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By: NyimaSillah

Leader of the Alliance for Social Democrat Movement of Change, Ms. Marie Sock, has called for the empowerment of the Gambia security forces after a recent cold-blooded murder of two PIU officers at Sukuta Traffic Lights.

“I have always advocated for empowering our security forces. Everything that I have been saying for the past 3 years has come to light, which is that we need to empower our security forces. If People know that our police are not equipped or not well trained, stuff like this will happen,” Madam Socks said in a voice message to The Voice.

“If our security officers are not safe, how about the citizens?This is why the security forces must be empowered not only by giving them guns but training them professionally to be able to handle situations professionally,” she emphasized.

She however pointed out that the concern of investigators should be on those responsible for bringing in the guns, tus there is a need to have control over how guns are entering the country and find out if they have licenses, if not, they should be held accountable.

Madam Sock advised the investigators to find out where the alleged suspect took the gun from, and whoever gave him the gun should be reprimanded hence they are the culprits of the offense.

“We need to have protective measures for the citizens and the security forces. We cannot allow people to travel in and out of the country with guns just like that,” she added.

This is an eye-opener, she said, for the Gambians not to take Gambians for granted because “every life matters,”

She therefore encouraged community policing and respect for the security forces.

Meanwhile, Madam Sock extends condolences to the deceased families and prays for the departed souls.