Saturday, December 3

Market vendors decline interviews on high cost of living for lack of action

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Serrekunda market vendors and shop owners have declined interviews with journalists about the high cost of living and prices of basic food commodities.
According to them, they have been granting interviews with different journalists and media houses, talking about the hike in prices of basic food commodities but the issues are yet to be resolved.

Meanwhile, this development occurred when our reporter went to the market over the weekend to find out the actual reason behind frequent hike in prices of the basic food commodities which makes the cost of living in the country very expensive.

“We are now tired of granting interviews to journalists because we have been talking about this (the hike in prices of food commodities), and nothing changes,’ said one male vendor who refused to grant an interview to this medium.

Another anonymous vendor who also refused to be interviewed, first gave the impression that she wasn’t the owner of the shop, adding that they are tired of talking about the rising prices of the basic food commodities to which she believed the government was giving deaf ears.